Train Fleet


Full steam ahead:
our trains and initiatives

With a fleet of over 450 train cars and locomotives that travel all across Canada, we get our passengers where they need to go safely. We are also continuing to invest in a number of ongoing projects to make sure our trains are as comfortable, accessible, and eco-friendly as possible.

Discover our train cars and locomotives


Take a look at our types of locomotives: the first two are used to pull passenger cars along our routes, while the third, a switcher, is used to pull cars around our maintenance centre.

Passenger cars

Travelling in style: We provide our passengers with comfortable Economy and Business class cars. Learn all about the four types of cars we use according to the destination.

Sleeping cars

Designed to inspire sweet dreams during long-haul trips, these cars are used for journeys along the Great Western Way, the Maritimes Way, and the Adventure Routes.

Service cars

Whether you are looking for a snack, a three-course meal, or a spot to enjoy the scenery through oversize windows, these cars are what make our long-haul rides so unique.

Baggage cars

No matter the season or the size of your luggage, our baggage cars can take it all, from bikes to skis to kayaks.