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Château sleeping car - VIA Rail Canada


Château sleeping car

Built by:
Budd Car Company and AMF

Built in:
July-November 1954

Acquired by VIA Rail in:

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):
8201 to 8229

3 sets of upper/lower berths, 8 single bedrooms, 1 triple bedroom, 3 double bedrooms, 2 common washrooms and a common shower

Car name(s):

8201 Château Argenson
8202 Château Bienville
8203 Château Brûlé
8204 Château Cadillac
8205 Château Closse
8206 Château Denonville
8207 Château Dollard
8208 Château Dollier
8209 Château Iberville
8210 Château Jolliet
8211 Château Lasalle
8212 Château Latour
8213 Château Lauzon
8214 Château Laval
8215 Château Lemoyne
8216 Château Lévis
8217 Château Maisonneuve
8218 Château Marquette
8219 Château Montcalm
8220 Château Papineau
8221 Château Radisson
8222 Château Richelieu
8223 Château Rigaud
8224 Château Roberval
8225 Château Rouville
8226 Château Salaberry
8227 Château Varennes
8228 Château Verchères
8229 Château Viger 

Did you know?

  • Château cars are generally used for the Montréal-Gaspé and Winnipeg-Churchill routes, and also for the Canadian when there is a need for them in spring and summer.
  • Built originally for use by the CPR on their Canadian and Dominion trains, the Château and Manor cars were appropriately named after important figures in Canadian history. The names were chosen to commemorate famed explorers and administrators of the first French and British colonies.
  • Each room is equipped with private washroom, which includes a sink and toilet.


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