Fleet Replacement Program

Leading Canadians toward a more sustainable future

Designed to enhance the modern-day travel experience, our new bi-directional trains will feel like your home away from home (or the perfect on-the-go office). We’re proud to say we’ve reduced our environmental footprint by using some of the best in energy-efficient technology. We’ll take you where you need to go all while providing a comfortable, accessible, and eco-friendly experience.

With a scheduled arrival in 2022 and completed in 2024, we’re well on our way to leading Canadians toward a future that is greener, more accessible, and more efficient.

Meet the new fleet
Train travel of tomorrow
Universal accessibility

Our new trains will exceed industry standards among accessible modes of transportation by ensuring universal accessibility for people with reduced mobility and their caretakers.

4-5x less pollution than cars

Featuring some of the most energy-efficient tech around, our new fleet will cement our status as a more responsible way to travel, causing four to five times less pollution than cars and other modes of transport.

Increased comfort

Wider seats, quiet zones, and flexible luggage spaces all contribute to a more comfortable ride.

New bike storage

In response to popular demand, our new trains will be equipped with designated spaces for your bikes.

Higher seating capacity

Our bi-directional fleet will lower operating costs all while accommodating more passengers.

Latest project update
Timeline and key milestones

Representing an investment of $989 million, the project will result in 32 new train sets that will provide our passengers with a smoother ride for the next 30+ years.

Request for qualifications
Contract awarded to Siemens
Current stageDesign and engineering
Testing phase
First train enters service
All new train sets in service
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Wider seats, quiet zones, and flexible luggage spaces.

New designated spaces for bikes.

Bi-directional fleet providing higher seating capacity.