Business opportunities

VIA Rail Canada continues to provide the best possible passenger service while controlling costs and constantly improving operating results.

VIA Rail is continuously exploring new opportunities with a diverse range of suppliers that will enable us to create a sustainable competitive advantage while expanding our presence in the marketplace.

As a national corporation, VIA Rail purchases goods and services from across the country and around the world. We post our Tender Documents on MERX, the electronic tendering service used by the Government of Canada, participating provincial and municipal governments as well as the private sector.

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What we buy

Goods and Services such as :
  • Rolling stock components, tools and equipment for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock such as passenger railcars and locomotives
  • Prepared meals, snacks, spirits, beverages and other products for delivery of on-board services to our passengers
  • Office supplies and equipment such as photocopiers, faxes, printers, pens, paper
  • Computer equipment and supplies such as PC’s, laptops, PDA’s
  • Telecommunications equipment such as cellular phones, satellite receivers, wireless networking equipment
  • Information technology services and applications
  • Uniforms and linens
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Cleaning products and environmental services
  • Snow removal and janitorial services
  • Professional, administrative and management support services
  • Marketing research services
  • Printing services, graphic arts, multimedia
  • Transportation and taxi services
  • Crew accommodations

If you would like to become a potential supplier to VIA Rail Canada Inc., please fill out our


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Lease of space

Are you interested in accessing VIA's unused commercial space or maintenance facilities for activities other than passenger rail services?

Lease and use of VIA's real estate is possible only when it does not hinder primary core business activities.

If you wish to make an offer or get the full terms and conditions of access, please contact one of the following resource personnel:

Shant Demirdjian

Policies and guidelines

The following is a list of VIA Rail Canada policies and guidelines: