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Park car - VIA Rail Canada

Park car

Built by:
Budd Car Company and AMF

Built between:
August-October 1954

Acquired by VIA Rail in:
August 1978

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):
8702 to 8718

1 triple bedroom, 3 double bedrooms, 24 seats in the dome, 1 common washroom, a bar and a panoramic lounge at the rear

Car name(s):

8702 Assiniboine Park
8703 Banff Park
8704 Evangeline Park
8706 Glacier Park
8707 Kokanee Park
8708 Kootenay Park
8709 Laurentide Park
8710 Prince Albert Park
8711 Revelstoke Park
8714 Strathcona Park
8715 Tremblant Park
8716 Tweedsmuir Park
8717 Waterton Park
8718 Yoho Park

Did you know?

  • All Park cars are named after parks.
  • Park car number 8709 carries the name "Laurentide" on one side, and "Laurentides" on the other.
  • When VIA Rail no longer had use for the Sibley car, it was donated to the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Delson.
  • The Riding Mountain Park car was sold in 2004, and is currently in the United States... with its original CP colours restored!
  • The lights on the back of car number 8715 are reversed: on one side, the red light is placed above the green light, and on the other side, the green light is placed on top.
  • These cars are always found at the end of the Canadian and the Jasper-Prince Rupert, but during the summer, they may also be found occasionally on Winnipeg-Churchill as well.
  • Each room is equipped with private washroom, which includes a sink and toilet.


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