Baggage cars - Baggage car (Budd Car Company)

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Baggage car - VIA Rail Canada

Baggage car

Built by:
Budd Car Company, Septa, and AMF

Built between:
November 1954 and April 1955, or in April 1963

Acquired by VIA Rail in:
August 1978

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):
8600 to 8623

Baggage compartment

Did you know?

  • This type of baggage car can accommodate - at one time! - 12 canoes measuring 15 feet in length (or longer) and more than 100 large-format suitcases.
  • Just like a passenger car, this baggage car is heated to make the journey more pleasant for the animals being transported.
  • Originally, baggage cars were used as offices for train conductors.
  • Some of the cars acquired from the CPR were also outfitted with sleeping quarters and a shower for crew working aboard the train.


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