Passenger cars - Economy class car (units 4100 to 4125)

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Economy class car

Built by:
Budd Car Company and AMF

Built in:

Acquired by VIA Rail in:

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):
4100 to 4125

68 seats

Did you know?

  • Before being acquired by VIA Rail, most of the cars in this series were in regular service on principal Amtrak routes in the United States, and on other excursion routes.
  • To prepare them for service with VIA, the cars were completely stripped and rebuilt with new components and a new seating layout.
  • Made from durable stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, the cars are ensured a long service life.
  • The yellow and blue lines on these cars are more than mere decoration: they tell train personnel that these trains are equipped with the electric connections (blue line) and drive connections (yellow line) necessary for linking a locomotive to the end of a consist.


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