Baggage cars - Rail Diesel Car-4

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Lounge car

Built by:
Canadian Car & Foundry

Built in:

Acquired by VIA Rail in:

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):

Seats, tables, and chairs, plus service points for snacks and meals.

Car name(s):
1750 Glenfraser

Did you know?

  • The RDC model number dictates its usage.

- RDC-1: For passengers only, with a vestibule at each end.
- RDC-2: For passengers, but with a baggage compartment.
- RDC-3: Partly for passengers, partly for baggage or the Postal Service.
- RDC-4: No passengers: partly for baggage, partly for use by the Postal Service.
- RDC-9 (also known as RDC-5): No controls and only one engine. This model was used to add passenger capacity.

  • Wine and cheese tastings frequently take place in this lounge car.
  • The Glenfraser car also includes a casino, with a professional croupier on hand to share tips.
  • When it was first acquired by VIA Rail, the Glenfraser car was not equipped for winter travel. In 2006, VIA insulated the car to make it suitable for travel all year long.
  • This lounge car was originally built as coach 5585 in 1954. After having changed hands several times, it was purchased by VIA Rail from BC Rail in 2002. BC Rail converted it into a lounge car and dubbed it “Glenfraser”. The name, however, does not actually appear on the side of the car.


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