Locomotives - P42DC

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Locomotives P42DC - VIA Rail Canada

Model: Locomotive P42DC

Built by: General Electric

Engine: 7FDL16

Horsepower: 4,250

Head end power (for on-board lighting, air conditioning, etc.): 800 kW

Weight: 121,928 kg (268,800 lb)

Top speed: 160 km/h (100 mi/h)

Built between: October-December 2001

Number of units in fleet: 21

Did you know?

  • A VIA Rail train being pulled by this locomotive operates at a cost of $0.16 per person, per kilometre, whereas a car operates at a cost of $0.23 per person, per kilometre.
  • The engine in this type of locomotive is 12 times more powerful than the engine on a bus. In fact, this locomotive can pull 1.2 times the number of passengers - plus the dining and baggage cars - and still remain the most energy-efficient transport option (for the same fuel consumption).
  • The train is the least polluting choice for inter-city travel.
  • Top speed of 160 km/h is attained on all routes where this locomotive is used.

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