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Château sleeping car - VIA Rail Canada

Manor sleeping car

Built by:
Budd Car Company and AMF

Built in:
November 1954-April 1955

Acquired by VIA Rail in:

Number of units in fleet:

Unit number(s):
8301 to 8342

3 sets of upper/lower berths, 4 single bedrooms, 6 double bedrooms, 2 common washrooms and a common shower

Car name(s):

8301 AbbotManor
8302 Allan Manor
8303 Amherst Manor
8305 Bayfield Manor
8306 Bell Manor
8307 Blair Manor
8308 Bliss Manor
8309 Brant Manor
8310 Brock Manor
8311 Burton Manor
8312 Butler Manor
8313 Cabot Manor
8314 Cameron Manor
8315 Carleton Manor
8316 Christie Manor
8317 Cornwall Manor
8318 Craig Manor
8319 Dawson Manor
8320 Douglas Manor
8321 Draper Manor
8322 Drummond Manor
8324 Dunsmuir Manor
8325 Elgin Manor
8326 Franklin Manor
8327 Fraser Manor
8328 Grant Manor
8329 Hearne Manor
8330 Hunter Manor
8331 Jarvis Manor
8332 Laird Manor
8333 Lorne Manor Manor
8334 Macdonald Manor
8335 Mackenzie Manor
8336 Monck Manor
8337 Osler Manor
8338 Rogers Manor
8339 Sherwood Manor
8340 Stuart Manor
8341 Thompson Manor
8342 Wolfe Manor 

Did you know?

  • The Manor Abbot car was originally spelled as "Abbott" - with two 't's.
  • The stainless steel design used for the Manor cars mimicked the fuselage of the first airliners that began to appear in the 1950s.
  • Manor cars are generally used for the Canadian train.
  • These cars were originally built for use by the CPR on their Canadian and Dominion trains.
  • The Château and Manor cars are named in honour of important figures in Canadian history. The names were chosen by the CPR to commemorate famed explorers and administrators of the first French and British colonies.
  • Each room is equipped with private washroom, which includes a sink and toilet.


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