Fleet Replacement Program

New fleet - Photo
It’s Time to Reimagine the Way Canadians Travel

The Fleet Replacement Program is a building block of our modernization plan which will help VIA Rail contribute to building a more connected Canada. In 2022, VIA Rail began to deploy a new generation of trains on the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, transforming the travel experience for Canadians. A more comfortable, sustainable and accessible service, improving the environmental footprint through advanced energy-efficient technology. Get ready to experience this new adventure with us!

New Fleet Features

An Unparalleled Travel Experience

More comfortable

  • Ergonomic leather seats with individual armrests, 120V and USB charging console, overhead reading light and large adjustable tray tables.
  • Wider aisles and modern, sealed walkways between cars.
  • Touchless automatic interior doors.
  • More flexible luggage space.

More productive

  • Two (2) Business class confidentiality « pods » to work or to regroup privately.
New fleet - Photo
Barrier-Free and Fully Accessible
New fleet - Photo

More functional

  • Six (6) wheel chairs lifts per trainset.
  • Five (5) mobility aid spaces per trainset.

More accessible

  • Accessible washrooms with more floor space to easily maneuver wheelchairs.
  • More grab bars, wider door opening, and a power door.

More inclusive

  • Braille and raised display.
  • Attendant call buttons located on the seats in the mobility aid spaces.
  • On-board announcements available in audio and visual formats.
  • More space for service dogs.
  • Dedicated luggage racks for passengers in mobility aid space.
One of the most environmentally friendly fleets in North America


  • A cleaner fleet equipped with advanced diesel engines that meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 emission standards that will reduce particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 85-95%.
  • Ability to convert the fleet to dual-mode (diesel-electric) if the infrastructure is electrified.

More energy efficient

  • New bi-directional configuration allowing trains to be operated in both directions, avoiding delays for turnarounds and other time losses with engines running.
  • Locomotives equipped with an electrodynamic braking system to recover braking energy to power the on-board electrical system and reduce total fuel consumption.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting on trains.
New fleet - Photo

More modern, greener and LEED certified maintenance centres

  • We are aiming for LEED certification of the Montreal and Toronto Maintenance Centers by applying LEED principles with, among other things, improved and more efficient mechanical and electrical systems.

Fun Facts

30 years

Estimated life span

200 000 miles

Estimated distance to be covered annually : 200 000 miles/year (320 000 km/year) or 8 times around the world

1,375 miles

Autonomy in miles/km : 1,375 miles or 2,113 km, or a little more than the distance between Toronto and Miami

1,430 metres

Braking distance : 1,430 metres (at 160 km/hour) or 16 football fields

0.01 grams

The smallest piece Electronic components (microchips, LEDs for screens) Weight: less than 0.01 grams or 100 times lighter than a paper clip

12,753 kg

The biggest piece Diesel motor Weight: 12,753 kg, comparable to a bus

Technical Testing Phase

Before the new fleet is put into service, VIA Rail must conduct a series of technical tests (see work instructions) including braking and acceleration performance tests, crossing whistle checks and other winter operating tests to ensure that it can face the challenges of the Canadian winter without any worries. Learn more about these tests here!


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