About VIA Rail

On the way to tomorrow
Projects and Infrastructure Assets

VIA Rail is undertaking innovative projects with a goal of always be considered as a safe, accessible, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly way to move people. Whether it’s our upcoming state-of-the-art Québec City – Windsor new corridor fleet, or our ongoing fleet, infrastructure and reservation system modernization projects, we’re setting the groundwork for the future of sustainable travel in Canada.

Sustainability initiative

A responsible sourcing policy to create lasting value for Canadians


Ensuring an accessible travel experience from reservation to destination with sign-language videos


Our New Fleet – Barrier-Free and Fully Accessible

Get to know us

Providing a safe, comfortable, and unique travel experience is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s service design, rolling stock, rails, or stations, we’re constantly investing in ongoing improvements.

Train Fleet

We have over 450 comfortable, accessible train cars to ensure a pleasant journey for all.

71 train cars

Being renovated through a “reuse, recycle, repurpose” approach.

Over $68.2 million

invested to improve accessibility since 2015

Stations & Real estate

Our convivial stations and skilled workforce ensure that every trip is safe and comfortable.


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Upcoming infrastucture work programs and improvement projects in your community.