Preserving the past while modernizing for the future

A rejuvenation is underway at Halifax station

The Modernization of Halifax Station

At the Halifax station, construction projects to the tune of $6 million have been under way since 2018 to turn this historic station into a hub while preserving its Heritage designation.

Main concourse skylight fully rebuilt:


Black & White photograph of Halifax main concourse in 1928

Before modernization:

Photograph of Halifax main concourse before modernization


Photograph of Halifax main concourse after modernization

The renovation of the main concourse has seen the central skylight of this nearly century-old building replaced to reflect the original 1928 design.

“We wanted to bring more natural light into the station by copying the original station design,” said José Martel, project manager for the station’s modernization. “In scoping this project, it was really important to us that our passengers have a comfortable experience and that they enjoy being in the space while they await their train.”

New accessible entrances

Before modernization:

Photograph of main entrance before modernization


Photograph of main entrance after modernization

We recently renovated both the station’s main entrance and concourse access, installing double, automatically-opening doors. “While making these important accessibility improvements, we also restored some of the building’s heritage features,” said Martel. “Halifax station is an officially designated Heritage Railway Station, and it’s critical that we preserve that rich history.”

Other completed or ongoing improvements include new accessible parking spots and electrical vehicle charging stations, new automatic sliding doors at the platform level (2020) to enable easy access to the train for all, and the modernization of the building’s elevator for better functioning.

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