Toronto Maintenance Centre Modernization

Moving forward with the TMC modernization construction activities

The partnership has diligently completed investigative work in various locations to verify and clarify existing site and infrastructure conditions. Mobilization activities are continuing for the construction site's setup, fencing, and waterproofing. This site will house the construction, design, and operations teams for upcoming years.

On-site work continues to locate underground utilities in preparation for construction activities. This includes demolishing and removing vertical ductwork from walls, removing electrical components, installing conduit, and scanning the platforms. Investigative work is also ongoing, with geotechnical investigations and preparations for laying out the fuel building, such as demolishing steel floor plates and structural supports, including the wheel jacking pit location. Structural work will come next, which involves adding a toe wall under the existing slab. As we begin this work, we will install geo-piers, including detailed excavation, forming and pouring foundations, backfilling foundations, and roughing or mechanical and electrical requirements.

After three months into the construction mobilization start of the TMC project, all is proceeding according to schedule. Every day, Buttcon Limited and VIA Rail ensure that public safety is their number one priority and will be maintained through work zones that are physically separated from public access and high-occupant traffic routes around the site and within the TMC facility.


Once again, we will closely monitor noise, vibration, air quality, and dust control to minimize the impact on our neighbourhood. Our goal is to maintain mitigation measures that will limit the disruption caused by the upcoming work.

As a result, we will conduct a weekly report to monitor noise and vibration levels, which will be continually tracked. We would like to extend our gratitude to our neighboring businesses, DCL Corporation and Northwood Collection Inc./Images 2000 Inc., who have granted permission for us to install this specialized equipment on their premises, and thank them for their cooperation and assistance.

The dust control management plan in place consists of proactive demolition methods, dust control procedures, and air monitoring protocols Ambient air quality will be monitored continuously throughout the project, and the system will generate weekly reports on air quality and dust control monitoring. 


Concerning the communication process in place, Buttcon Limited has posted emergency numbers on the site fence. Every communication, including complaints, will be sent directly to the Site Superintendent, and VIA Rail will be informed immediately. 

Regarding the procedure to access the TMC construction site, a guard will operate access for Gate 2 during the construction hours. Oversized deliveries will be accepted through Gate 1 off Drummond Street, and an additional guard will be stationed to facilitate the delivery of large items. There is constant communication, and the well-being and safety of the neighbourhood are of great importance to the team members working on the TMC modernization project.