Summer 2019 internships

Growing with VIA Rail

New and returning student interns from universities across Canada were invited to spend the summer at VIA Rail to learn, develop valuable skills and network.

In our offices and maintenance centres across the country, 55 post-secondary students in fields ranging from Human Resources to Safety and Security got a good start in their careers by actively participating in exciting projects that have a real impact on VIA Rail and Canadians. 

VIA Rail even offers flexible work-school arrangements for interns who stay throughout the year. So what’s it like to intern at VIA Rail? We asked three students who will be staying with us this fall to tell us:

Stéphanie Dallaire-Turmel, Governmental and Community Relations
Master of Science (MSc) – Strategy, HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales)

Stéphanie Dallaire-Turmel

“I joined VIA Rail in May 2019 and got the opportunity to help organize the event in Ottawa with our accessibility partners. I also attended the event to help with various tasks.

“Another memorable part of my experience at VIA Rail was organizing student initiatives. My work with students and other departments helped with employee engagement during Canadian Environment Week, the creation of a student manual, and a proposal for a volunteering program.

“I am eager to continue the work I began this summer, whether that’s helping foster our relationships with our partners or brainstorming new student initiatives. I’m starting the fall with lots of enthusiasm about my opportunities for personal development and learning!”

Alexandre C., Corporate Security and Intelligence
Master of Science (MSc) – Criminology, Université de Montréal

“I joined VIA Rail as an intern in 2018 and have stayed here ever since as I continue my education. This summer offered another great experience. As a student, I get to help ensure we fulfill our Corporate Security responsibilities through intelligence analysis, security support, and security exercises.

“Since joining VIA Rail, I’ve had the chance to manage tasks and functions that have helped me develop my personal and professional skills while making a difference for my team and for VIA Rail. I love that VIA Rail encourages constant growth.

“I look forward to continuing to help ensure we offer a safe and secure passenger rail experience, taking on new and interesting projects, and having fun while doing it!”

Audrey Laverdière, Human Resources
Master of Science (MSc) – Organisational development, HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales)

Audrey Laverdière

“I joined VIA Rail as an intern in May of this year, and right away got started on super interesting projects within Human Resources. In July, I helped plan a day trip from Montreal to Quebec City for the interns, which served as both a VIA Rail familiarization field trip and an excellent networking opportunity. We all had a great time getting to know each other!

“Another highlight was getting to attend a breakfast meet and greet for all the students with VIA’s President and CEO, Cynthia Garneau. We got to ask her all sorts of questions about the company and her impressive career path to become VIA’s first female leader. I love that she pays attention to the student community, which helps us feel at home and part of a family.

“I look forward to pursuing my work on projects that further enrich the student intern experience at VIA, such as teambuilding exercises and creating internal social media communities to foster networking and continue to bring VIA’s young professionals together.”

Learn more about VIA Rail student internship opportunities by visiting our Careers This link opens in a new tab page.