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Train the Canadian Crossing the Canadian RockiesThe importance of trains and railways all over the planet is reflected in the number of sites dedicated to this subject. Whether you're completing a school project or reading for the pleasure of learning more about the exciting world of railways, here is a list of links for selected web sites in English and French.

Canadian web sites

All selected sites are bilingual, unless otherwise specified.

Forging the National DreamThis link opens in a new tab  
This page is centred around the remarkable photography collection of the McCord Museum in Montréal. Author William R. Morrison, from the University of Northern British Columbia, describes the first milestones in the history of trains in Canada. His text is accompanied by historical photographs, links, and a bibliography.

Railway Association of CanadaThis link opens in a new tab 
Located in Ottawa, the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) represents 58 member freight, tourist, commuter, and intercity Canadian railways. A good source of information for those seeking more precise information about the industry. 

VIA Rail is born - "On this day" - CBC ArchivesThis link opens in a new tab 
On February 28, 1977, Transport Canada Minister Otto Lang announced the creation of VIA Rail, a Crown Corporation to provide rail services to travellers in Canada. On the CBC Archives web page, you can listen to the news story they produced for public radio, as well as read a fact sheet.

Longueuil et la Rive-Sud avant le pont Jacques-CartierThis link opens in a new tab 
This page is taken from the historical atlas of the City of Longueuil. Filled with archive photographs, this web page dives into the heart of the 19th century, at a time when the train was instrumental in drawing the map of all North America. In French only.

The Grand Trunk Railway  and The Grand Trunk Pacific RailwayThis link opens in a new tab 
These two pages are fact sheets from a larger web site about Old Montréal. From each, you can read the company profile and history, including details of its founding. The well-documented text provides historical context, as well as sources and other practical information. In French only.

En voiture! Trains in Canada, from the Radio-Canada ArchivesThis link opens in a new tab 
Radio-Canada has opened its archives to give you access to a bank of audio-visual materials that retell the history of trains right up until today. Watch hours of video clips extracted from all kinds of programming, and browse well-documented texts with plenty of links. In French only.

Non-Canadian web sites

First Railroads in North AmericaThis link opens in a new tab 
While reading this long text written by Frederick C. Gamst, from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, you will come to understand the important role the railway played in the history of North America. This page is part of a larger web site by the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.