2012 Completed Access to Information Requests

The following list contains summaries of completed requests. Requests focusing on personal information are not included.

Request number Summary of Request Disposition Number of pages disclosed
11-1138 Directive with regards to the practice of dimming the train headlights. All disclosed 1
  Nothing to report.    
  Nothing to report.    
11-1139 All documents, correspondence and reports pertaining to an accident on October 31, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec. Disclosed in part 490
11-1150 Documents regarding the Federal Government employment in the cities of North Bay and Sudbury at VIA Rail stations. All disclosed 1
12-1201 A 2009 preliminary report on the passenger train project between Sherbrooke and Montreal. All disclosed 20
11-1121 Copy of the awarded submission for Request For Proposal 201101018 and all documents relating to the awarding of a contract for construction management services at the Oshawa station. All disclosed 44
11-1146 Any correspondence from Denis Lebel and/or Pierre Poilièvre regarding or containing the word “accident”, “fermeture”, “VIA Rail” or “Saint-Lambert” and a list from the department’s computerized document tracking system for briefing notes, deck presentations and memorandums submitted to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities for the period of September 1st, 2011 to March 31, 2012. No records exist 0
12-1204 Detailed receipts and reimbursement documents for the following trip as found in the proactive disclosure online information for the Chairman of the Board to Edmonton, Jasper, Vancouver and Winnipeg during the period Third Quarter (July 1-September 30, 2011) with a total cost of $3,408.13. Disclosed in part 23
12-1205 A list of purchased or rented fleet vehicles available for the transportation of the Minister or Deputy Minister (or executive officers from Crown corporations). No records found 0

Electronic copy of the request data in the Access to Information tracking system for the fiscal years 2009 to 2012.

All disclosed 9

Copy of the Access to Information Act.

All disclosed 70
11-1142 Information with regards to the impacts of the Wi-Fi network offered to your clientele in terms of expectations, satisfaction, traffic and usage, as well as information with regards to technical, commercial and operational issues. Disclosed in part 15
12-1203 Access to records related to any initiative over the past year to improve processing time and efficiency of handling of access to information requests. Disclosed in part -

Contract/Terms and Conditions in particular terms of payment regarding Windsor rail station (Loaring Construction) part of Capital Investment Project “The Billion Dollar Transformation”. If the payment to Loaring Construction has been made, a copy of payment transfer.

Disclosed in part 1
SEPTEMBER Nothing to report    
12-1219 A project description for each of the following 3 phases of the VIA Rail Capital Investment Program on the Kingston Subdivision between Montréal and Toronto: Phase 1A, Phase 1B and Phase 2. All disclosed 31
12-1220 All Documents related to a decision to end passenger rail service to Sackville, NB and Amherst, NS. No records found 0
12-1222 The project budget and the current VIA Rail spending as of July 18, 2012 for the 3 phases of the Capital Investment Program on the Kingston Subdivision between Montreal and Toronto. All exempt 0
12-1225 Information concerning VIA’s annual number of passengers, foodservice sales and costs for 2012 and anticipated trends for 2013. All disclosed 2

All files, phone records and e-mails related to the accident of the train 668 on October 31, 2010.

Disclosed in part 2036
12-1224 Data for the years 2005 to 2011 concerning Train miles, Passengers, Passenger miles, Seat miles, Revenue and Avoidable Costs for the following routes: The Ocean, The Chaleur, Tourist train Halifax-Sydney, Montréal-Jonquière, Montréal-Senneterre, Québec-Montréal, Montréal-Ottawa, Montréal-Toronto, Ottawa-Toronto, Toronto-Windsor, Toronto-London-Sarnia, Toronto-Niagara Falls, Sudbury-White River, Toronto Cochrane (if available), the Canadian (Toronto-Vancouver), Jasper-Prince-George-Prince Rupert, Winnipeg-Churchill and Victoria-Courtenay. All exempt 0
12-1231 The working committee within VIA Rail who made recommendations to CEO Mr. Marc Laliberté about the impending budget cuts concerning passenger train cancellations. What were those recommendations to Mr. Laliberté? No records found 0