Toronto Maintenance Centre Modernization

Construction mobilization continues for the TMC

The TMC modernization’s success begins with creating an integrated planning, design, operational, and construction team. The talent and input from each of these project team members will drive the success of this challenging project. To achieve the beginning of the construction mobilization process, many hours of planning and design were executed to successfully implement the construction stages.


The Collaborative Approach

The success of the construction mobilization began many months in advance, with the creation of an integrated team with the experience, expertise, motivation, creative thinking, and professional resources on hand to execute the planning and design successfully.

Working closely with VIA Rail’s team members, the TMC project stages were planned and designed considering all constraints, requirements, track scheduling, delivery schedules, and complexities of the existing site layout.

Months of planning have ensured that each operational constraint is explored and investigated so that the VIA Rail facilities remain in full operation throughout the project lifecycle, where possible.


The Design Team - Strasman Architects Inc. (SAI)

We would like to introduce you to one of the key members on the VIA Rail TMC team, Bina Puri. One of the Project Design Managers, Bina is a design team member with Strasman Architects Inc. (SAI). This Canadian architectural firm is recognized for its highly collaborative approach to award-winning design.

For over 40 years, SAI has been dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for technically complex projects. We are pleased to say that since the construction mobilization start of the TMC project, all is proceeding according to plan, as featured in the backdrop of the March 2023 spotlight video.

Learn more about Bina Puri’s input from Strasman Architects Inc. (SAI).


Buttcon Limited Inc.

In this collaborative approach, Buttcon Limited and VIA Rail’s team prioritize daily public safety and strive to maintain it throughout the work zones. Both teams also coordinate to ensure that the construction work does not interfere with the daily operations and train movements within the yard. Additionally, Buttcon Limited works closely with the local municipalities for large material deliveries involving possible lane or street closures.


VIA Rail’s Team

One of the third pillars in this partnership is VIA Rail’s team, which continues to operate on the site while the TMC modernization construction activities are underway.

Every step of the way, each team member works closely together to maintain the day-to-day operations while the construction mobilization work continues.

With this joint effort between the construction, design, and VIA Rail’s team, each operational constraint is explored and investigated so that VIA Rail remains fully functional throughout the TMC development, while mitigating any impact on the community.

One of the key members of VIA Rail’s team who has been involved in the planning, design, construction mobilization, and execution stages of the TMC modernization is Mr. Chris Sabaziotis, Senior Project Manager.

With his day-to-day involvement, Chris is acutely aware of the day-to-day VIA Rail’s operations and is the expert in coordinating and communicating with the construction, the design, and the operational project team members. 

Learn more about Chris Sabaziotis’s work at the TMC below.